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Securicall® Systems Limited
3 Palmerston Court
2-8 Palmerston Road

Telephone: 020 8643 4400

Company Registration No.:

VAT No.: 103 8182 41

Securicall® is a registered trade name

SSAIB Certified Installer
Member of the Federation of Small Businesses

IP Security solutions from Securicall Systems

SECURICALL bring together years of experience in the Security Solutions market and a full understanding of data networking, SECURICALL has developed a highly effective solutions model.  SECURICALL can provide an integrated solution and services suite for the intelligent management of high-capacity buildings. Intelligence can be seamlessly woven into the way buildings operate, to create intuitive, closely monitored, high security environments. The SECURICALL portfolio of Building Solutions products and services ranges from simple CCTV systems to sophisticated end-to-end systems and their on-going support.

Product overview

SECURICALL’s  IP CCTV system provides a state-of-the art surveillance solution designed to operate over data networks, including wireless solutions. Utilising an existing network and the Internet as the delivery mechanism, IP CCTV provides the streaming of video images, which can be configured as live or compressed images depending on the network bandwidth available. IP CCTV cameras can be viewed over the Internet using a standard web browser. In addition, our solutions can be configured to provide remote alarm messaging, where video cameras can detect and send text messages to mobiles/pagers or e-mail video clips of intruders.


Typical implementations


IP CCTV is suitable for both internal and external installation and for use locally and remotely.

Increasingly replacing traditional hard-wired CCTV systems, IP CCTV has been deployed for a wide range of organisations including financial and legal companies, retail stores, petrol stations, car parks, educational establishments and government buildings.