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Track ID



If so, you would be well-advised to have some form of remote monitoring for your alarm so that you can be made aware of any activation while you are away. 

The Problem with conventional monitoring:

When you are away from your protected premises, and being told by a machine or even an ARC operator that your alarm has activated, it immediately raises some questions.  Conventional systems tell you the precise time your alarm has triggered - but not why.

What you really want to know is whether a false alarm has been generated or whether in fact intruders have gained access to your premises and are moving around.

The Solution:

Securicall’s Track ID operates by registering all activities of all detectors.  When an intruder enters your property, several detectors will be activated (conventional systems will only register the first one) and you will be able to see the precise time and sequence as an intruder moves from one room to another. 

An example of genuine alarm typical information from the Securicall Track ID would be as follows:-

1.    Kitchen sensor activated 10:22:45

2.    Hall detector activated 10:22:55

3.    Lounge detector activated 10:23:01

The action required for this report is to investigate the premises immediately, if necessary with the Police.  These signals cannot be generated by a fault.

False Alarms:

A false alarm is any activation of your system not caused by an intruder.  False alarms have long been considered as the biggest problem within the industry due to wasted Police time, together with the expense and inconvenience to keyholders.  In addition to this, many companies have to pay keyholders "on call" money to ensure they can respond to the inevitable false alarms. An example of typical alarm information from a conventional system would only be as follows:-

 1. Dining room sensor activated 15:30:45

Track ID can't eliminate false alarms but can eliminate the problems associated with them, but by letting you know relevant real time information, you can identify false alarms and ignore them.


Used in conjunction with Track ID, two detectors (typically a DualTech and a PIR) would be used in an particularly sensitive area to definitely identify the presence of an intruder and separating a false alarm from a genuine alarm.